Floss Pink Shell Hatinator


Floss Shell Hatinator in various shades of rose pale pink. Ideal to match with sequin dresses in shades of pink. Tiny sequin swarovski crystals adorn this with silk hand painted flower,  feathers and lace detail, all sewn and composed in a subtle way.

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Sinamay shades of pale pink Hatinator, with shell hand formed ridges creating a unique oval shape. Perched on the side on a hairband with a gorgeous hand painted silk rose to the top underside for added height to this piece. It is adorned with swarovski crystal sequins along ridges for extra sparkle (not visable on photo) and lace applique and flower detail to bottom rear of the hatinator. Scattered with triangle trimmed coque feathers for added detail to outer form. This is a gorgeous piece for any Mother of the Bride, wedding guest or day at the races. It matches most pale pink and rose toned outfits. A great versatile staple to any ladies wardrobe.


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